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Exercise Ball Crunches

About Exercise Ball Crunches

Exercise ball crunches are a great alternative for trainees who suffer from low back problems. Using the exercise ball also increases the need for stability which makes the movement more functional when translated to everyday activities. As with any other abdominal exercise, it is important to initiate the movement by executing what’s known as an abdominal set.

Exercise Ball Crunches Video

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How To Do Exercise Ball Crunches

  1. From an upright seated position on the ball, step out and lean back until your lower back is comfortably supported by the exercise ball. Initiate abdominal set.
  2. Exhale and flex at the hips until a contraction is felt within the abdominals. Briefly hold this contracted position before releasing.
  3. Inhale and lower back down to starting position at a controlled speed.
  4. Repeat until desired number of repetitions are completed.


Narrowing the foot stance while performing exercise ball crunches will decrease the base of support and increase the muscle recruitment needed for stabilization.

Performing exercise ball crunches with your arms in an extended position behind your head will manipulate the movement biomechanics and increase the difficulty of the exercise.

Tying a resist-a-band to a nearby pole and gripping the handles at chest level while performing exercise ball crunches will increase the resistance, thus increase the difficulty of the exercise.

You can target your obliques (sides) by twisting your body to the side to finish off each repetition.

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