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Decline Leg Raises


This is one of the better exercises for lower abs. The addition of the decline bench to the traditional leg raise movement slightly increases the difficulty. Similar to the other exercises for the lower abdominals, it is important that a pelvic tilt is executed at the final stage of the movement to place maximal emphasis on the abdominals rather than the hip flexors.


  1. Pull a decline bench up to the Smith machine. The low end of the bench should be facing away from the Smith machine bar.
  2. Lie in supine position on the bench and grip the Smith machine bar. Make sure that the bar is securely hooked into the rack.
  3. Perform abdominal set and prepare to initiate movement.
  4. Exhale, flex legs at the hips, perform a pelvic tilt and draw legs into an elevated position. Pause and briefly hold this position.
  5. Inhale and lower legs back down at a controlled speed.
  6. Repeat until desired number of repetitions are completed.


Performing movement with the knees in a slightly bent position will make the exercise a little bit easier.

Placing a medicine ball in between your thighs will add resistance and increase the difficulty.

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