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Machine Crunches

About Machine Crunches

Machine crunches are an excellent choice for both beginner and advanced trainees. Beginners will find machine crunches to be a practical alternative due to the movement simplicity and the option to select a relatively light resistance. Since the adjustable stack allows the option to increase the weights to otherwise impractical loads, advanced trainees commonly opt to incorporate machine crunches to perform their heavy repetitions to work on maximal strength.

Exercise Video

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Exercise Instructions

  1. Adjust the seat to a position that allows the pad to line up across the chest.
  2. Position the lower legs behind the foot pads and hands atop the outer portion of the chest padding with elbows to the sides.
  3. Perform an abdominal set to protect the lower back.
  4. Exhale and crunch forward until a contraction is felt within the abdominal region.
  5. Inhale and at a controlled speed, lower back down to a position just shy of starting position. Stopping shy of the starting position will ensure that the abdominals uphold the muscular contraction.
  6. Repeat until the desired number of repetitions are completed.
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