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Seated Partner MB Toss


Considering the amount of times we turn and rotate our bodies throughout the course of a day, it only makes sense to strengthen the muscles that are responsible for these movements. The oblique muscles – both internal and external – enable us to efficiently rotate and perform many common activities of daily living.

The functionality of these muscles goes beyond household tasks considering that many high-performance sporting movements – such as a golf swing – are initiated through core rotation. Performing the following medicine ball toss, along with some of the other oblique-strengthening movements provided within this site, will be very effective in improving both your athletic performance and your ability to carry out day-to-day activities.


  1. While in a seated position, bend knees slightly while keeping heels in contact with the ground, and lean back until tension is felt within the abdominal region.
  2. Inhale and while holding a medicine ball with arms extended, rotate torso to the left and tap the ball to the ground. Rotate to a position that provides a stretch but still remains comfortable.
  3. Exhale, rotate torso and while maintaining arm extension, release the ball in the direction of your partners hands for him/her to catch and control.
  4. Repeat until the desired number of repetitions are completed.
  5. Change positions in order to train the other side of your torso.


Lifting the feet a few inches off the ground while performing the movement will increase the need for stabilization and activate additional muscles to contract throughout the movement.

The further away from the body the ball is tapped to the floor, the more recruitment is needed from the core.

A similar movement can be performed by using two decline benches – side by side.

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