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MB Ab Blaster

About The “Best Stomach Exercise” Of all the abdominal exercises, this is my personal favorite. I actually think it’s the best stomach exercise out there. If you’re able to perform it properly, I highly recommend implementing it into your workout program. It’s tricky at first but you’ll eventually master the movement and once you do, […]


Oblique Leg Twists

About Oblique Core Twists The oblique leg twist exercise is an excellent way to isolate the sides of the torso, otherwise known as the “love handles” or the “spare tire”. In terms of functionality, the oblique muscles are responsible for the rotation movements that we frequently perform during both athletics and day to day activities. […]


Machine Crunches

About Machine Crunches Machine crunches are an excellent choice for both beginner and advanced trainees. Beginners will find machine crunches to be a practical alternative due to the movement simplicity and the option to select a relatively light resistance. Since the adjustable stack allows the option to increase the weights to otherwise impractical loads, advanced […]


Stabilization Bridge

About This Core Stability Exercise This is a great core stability exercise that calls upon the core muscles – primarily the abdominals – to contract isometrically in order to stabilize the torso and prevent the pelvic region from collapsing. While this movement works well on its own, it is particularly effective when used in conjunction […]


Medicine Ball Twister

Description Although under-utilized, this exercise is a great way to strengthen the core region. Twisting the legs from side to side is especially effective when it comes to recruiting the oblique muscles. The addition of a medicine ball further enhances the movements effectiveness. Execution While lying on your back, bend the knees to a 45 […]


Oblique MB Twists

About The Exercise This exercise is a must for most training programs as it is suitable for both beginner and advanced trainees. It is also a great option when time is limited as it recruits and trains both the abs and obliques. The obliques – as mentioned throughout the site – are often overlooked as […]


Seated Partner MB Toss

Description Considering the amount of times we turn and rotate our bodies throughout the course of a day, it only makes sense to strengthen the muscles that are responsible for these movements. The oblique muscles – both internal and external – enable us to efficiently rotate and perform many common activities of daily living. The […]


Olympic Bar Twists

About The Exercise The core region is the centre-point in which speed and strength stems from. A well developed core will improve both athletic performance and the efficiency at which you complete your everyday activities. The functional aspect of the core twist is what makes it so effective. It’s a movement that incorporates and develops […]


Exercise Ball Crunches

About Exercise Ball Crunches Exercise ball crunches are a great alternative for trainees who suffer from low back problems. Using the exercise ball also increases the need for stability which makes the movement more functional when translated to everyday activities. As with any other abdominal exercise, it is important to initiate the movement by executing […]


Cable Crunch

About The Cable Crunch Exercise A major advantage of performing the cable crunch exercise is the fact that the weight stack makes progression quite easy. The option to add resistance also allows you to reach fatigue faster and more importantly, the added resistance will help to recruit the fast twitch muscle fibers that are responsible […]