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Tired of being overweight and finally ready to do something about it?

Well, it’s your lucky day. We’ve created an extremely detailed fat loss manual that’s both easy to understand and most importantly – easy to implement. Countless hours have been invested into this “no fluff” guide and during the creation process, we originally had the intention of putting up for sale with a price tag of about 67 dollars.

Well, for a limited time, we’re going to be giving out FREE copies to our visitors as a gift. Wondering what the catch is? Truthfully, their isn’t one. No catch at all! We’ve created a great weight loss manual and we genuinely believe that it will help a lot of people – yourself included. So far, thousands of people have taken advantage of this opportunity and the results have been impressive to say the least..

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Wondering what makes this product so great? Well, here’s an overview of the package..

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The “Truth About Fat Burning” Manual

This really is a no-clutter, no-fluff training and nutrition manual. It consists of only 5 chapters but each chapter delivers useful, easy-to-digest information. Here’s a brief overview of what each of the chapters is about…

Chapter 1: Scams Exposed!

The weight loss industry is cluttered with all sorts of – dare I say it – crap! There’s a lot of overweight people who want to shed some body fat but have no idea how to go about doing so. Since the demand to make money is there, all sorts of products are being created and millions upon millions of dollars is being invested into the marketing efforts.

In most cases, the products are useless and the results these companies are promising you are completely unrealistic – which sets you up for failure even before you start! In this section, we expose all sorts of industry scams and spotlight a couple products that actually do live up to their hype. If you don’t want to get scammed, you can’t afford to skip over this chapter – literally.

Chapter 2: Top 5 Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

DO NOT skip over this chapter and DO NOT make these mistakes! If your previous attempts at weight loss have been unsuccessful, it’s more than likely that you were making some of the common mistakes profiled in this section. Find out what they are beforehand and save yourself a lot of frustration!

Chapter 3: Products that WORK

If you’re looking for something to make this weight loss journey a little shorter, then this chapter is a must read. There’s so many marketers out there that are trying to sell you useless products but in my 10+ years in the industry, I’ve found a few amazing ones. In this chapter I’ll showcase the best supplement for fat loss (it’s not what you’d expect), the best fitness training product (takes up hardly any room and allows you to perform countless exercises) and lastly, I’ll show you an amazing source of useful fat loss information.

Chapter 4: Lucky 13

Chapter two discussed what NOT to do and this chapter – appropriately titled “lucky 13” – profiles the 13 things you absolutely need to be doing in order to lose weight and most importantly, keep it off! Place these 13 easy-to-implement tips into action and your weight loss efforts will be a breeze!

Chapter 5: Training For Fat Loss

There’s so many different workouts out there and the fact that you’re working out at all, that’s the main thing. However, in order to get the most out of your efforts, there’s actually a specific way you should be training. By implementing the training method profiled in this section, you’ll be able to lose a lot more weight in a shorter amount of time. This training method makes a HUGE difference and it’s something I strongly believe in. Find out what it is and how to do it!

The Woman's Home Workout!

This program was designed in circuit fashion to burn fat, sculpt lean muscles and deliver cardio benefits

The Woman’s Workout Program


This program was designed in circuit fashion to burn fat, sculpt lean muscles and deliver cardiovascular benefits. This woman’s introductory program is ideal for those who want to attain that toned sculpted look in the privacy of their own home, rather than a public training facility. Spanning over a period of 18 weeks, each progressive phase picks up from the last while increasing the intensity. Also, this program allows you to sculpt even the most troublesome of muscle groups including the abs, buttocks, inner thighs and the rear arm area, all with minimal and inexpensive household equipment.

Demonstrated Results:

Realistic expectations throughout the course of this 18 week program are dependant on your intensity, dedication, current weight, and your nutrition habits. For those who have a fair amount of weight to lose, a loss of 18-40lbs of fat while adding lean muscle tissue is a very reasonable expectation provided the that program is used in conjunction with healthy nutrition habits. Unlike the crash diets that clutter the fitness industry, the results attained through this program will be healthy and long lasting.

18 Week Fat Burning Blitz!

If you're eating right, you can expect to lose anywhere between 18-40lbs with this program. Not only that, but you will also experience dramatic improvements in your strength and muscle tone as well. Take advantage of this opportunity!

The Men’s Workout Program


The unique layout and progressions that encompass this program are designed to sculpt lean muscles and burn calories, all while utilizing easy to perform movements. By following a circuit training format, the program guides the trainee through a challenging, yet beginner friendly routine that blends both aerobic activity with strength training to optimize the fitness benefits. Not only will this program burn up excess calories during execution, it will also boost your metabolism. The metabolism boost will transform your body into a fat burning machine so even after your long done at the gym, you’ll continue to benefit from the ignition of your “fat burning furnace” so to speak. Over an 18 week period, you will be guided through similar, yet unique training phases. The program is initiated with simple super-setting blended with light cardio. As your training progresses, the superset combinations become longer and the rest intervals slowly decrease.

Demonstrated Results:

When supplemented with sound nutrition, the potential of this program is phenomenal. For those who have a great deal of weight to lose, a loss of 20-40lbs can be expected all while adding lean muscle mass accompanied by potential strength gains of up to 100%. Since gradual cardiovascular progressions are also implemented, an improvement in aerobic capacity of up to can also be expected. Unlike the crash diets and gimmicks that clutter the fitness industry, the results attained through this program will be healthy and long lasting.

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Input your name and email into the form on the right to get a free copy of the entire Attack That Fat package delivered directly to your email

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