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“In all honesty, this might actually change the way you look and feel forever! We’ve reviewed dozens of fat loss products for our mailing list, but this is the first time we’ve found a product worth showcasing to every one of our visitors.”

We’ve been purchasing these manuals ourselves and having them reviewed by our certified trainers. Most of them don’t meet our standards and end up getting exposed in our newsletter but this is one of those rare instances where we decided to go the other way and instead of exposing the “truth about 6 pack abs” as a scam, we can finally go the other route and actually showcase it for what it is – an honest, step by step blueprint to fat loss!

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“Truth About 6 Pack Abs” Overview

The truth about abs is one of the best selling fitness e-books in the world and it has been for years. The book itself is just under 150 pages and it contains a detailed, 45 page nutrition section that discusses..

  • What sorts of carbohydrates you should be eating and of equal importance, when you should be eating them.
  • How eating the right types of fat will actually help make you leaner.
  • How to get yourself to a point where you’re “addicted” to healthy foods and the thought of eating cookies, donuts and junk food in general will make you sick.
  • The importance of having a “cheat day” and how to trick your body into increasing the rate at which it burns calories (metabolic rate).
  • How many meals to eat per day and exactly what to consume for each of those meals.
  • The 2 “hidden evils” that most people eat every day that hinders their progress and packs on the fat.
  • The importance of dietary calcium and diary products for staying lean.
  • A calculated meal plan that shows you exactly what you should be eating.

As for the training aspect of the manual, it’s pretty thorough and discusses..

  • The metabolic effect of training
  • Which stomach exercises to perform and which ones to avoid
  • The problem with traditional cardio and a solution
  • The most effective exercises for shedding body fat and why they work so well.
  • Free weights versus machines
  • Step by step fat burning workouts to follow

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Truth About 6 Pack Abs Review

Click image to access the program for only $4.95

Click image to access the program for only $4.95

Alright, I’ve purchased this product, looked it over and I can honestly say that it’s the real deal. Actually, if I was to come out with an info guide of my own, it would pretty much resemble what Mike Geary (the author) has done here. Everything is as straight forward and as honest as it gets. There’s no false claims in this manual – or even on the sales page for that matter – which is a nice change of pace. Even I learned a few new things and I have multiple personal training certifications and over a decade of experience in the industry.

To perform the workouts, it would be ideal to have access to a fully equipped gym although you can do most of the exercises with an adjustable set of dumbbells and an exercise ball – which are both fairly inexpensive. If there’s anything that the book is lacking, it’s information on supplementation. It discusses supplementing with essential fatty acids but aside from that, it doesn’t mention much on the topic.

Aside from that, the “truth about abs” book is awesome. I would highly recommend this book to my clients and I’m recommending it to you (my readers) right now. I checked out the refund rate on it and it’s extremely low, so that goes to show that people are generally happy with their purchase. The author of the book is fairly confident in his product as well so he’s offering a $4.95 trial period to encourage people to try it out.

Try The “Truth About Abs” Program For $4.95

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